My Friends Exploiting Money From Me, Advice Needed

Hi all,

I will really appreciate if moderator can help push this to front page.

Firstly, insults are welcome. I reside in Europe. Two of my friends they are biological brothers, they’ve been sucking me. I have been sending them money regularly for years, yes years, but I now realised that these people are not ready to work or learn any skill. Even their own biological brother in abroad reported them to me and doesn’t take them serious anymore except their mum. Infarct, i used to send money to their mum too. But they just keep asking me for money everytime. Imagine I just sent you money when you said you are sick, two days after you sent me voice record asking me for money to rent a shop. Then the younger one who’s chat bellow asking me for 100k for three of them as if I am picking money on the floor here. To some people in Nigeria who always think all nigerians in diaspora think we always think you’re begging for money whenever you say hi just to hear from us, it is not the case. How about this too?

I am really tired. My wife who always agree I should help them have started complaining too. These two friends suddenly changed because I used to send them money even before they ask. It’s like every week one problem must happen to them that require money. They will just send account number and the deadline time. They keep coming, coming, coming back again after giving. I have paid hundreds of thousands of naira for visa processing for one of them maybe at least they will stop asking me for money and one will be able to help his brother, but the visa was unsuccessful.

Few days ago one of them ask me to give him my sister’s number that he just want to greet her since it’s been years he saw her last. Behold, the next day my sister called to ask when did I hear from my friend last and did he mention about financial problem to me, I told my sister that he called me two days ago and asked of her number which I gave him. My sister said he requested for money to support his house rent and she sent him some money. I was shocked. Can you imagine guys? My friend. I am not saying it’s a crime for him to ask my sister money but why lie to me that you just want to greet her when you asked me for her number? Whereas I just sent him money too not even up to a week.

See another demand again, see my reply, see his reply.

I know one or the two of them will start gossiping me around that I am proud, but they won’t tell them about the good I have done for them, I have been doing. They won’t. Some friends are not worth it anymore. I am very upset now that it’s affecting me mentally and with my wife. Even my children were asking me last night “dad are you alright, you’re not happy”.

You know what again, one of them sent messages to my wife asking for mobile phone. I saw it but my wife didn’t know that I saw it not until I responded to him myself and told my wife to never bother. My wife later sent the phone to him. Since then he’s been using that opportunity to demand from her. Though he eventually stopped it but continue asking me only.

I have sent so much money but they just never stop asking. And I am not the time that take pictures and flaunt them on social media. I live my life on low-key.

I need your honest opinion.

Insults are welcome I promise I won’t react to any insult.

I wanted to block them on my social media especially on WhatsApp but I had a rethink so they won’t feel like I am proud because I am in abroad

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